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Meet the WagerRun.com News Team

Editor-in-Chief:  Brian McDonald РEmail: editor@wagerrun.com

Mr. McDonald is the editor-in-chief of this publication. For years, McDonald has spent his career reporting and fine tuning the editing structure of numerous publications. Currently, his experience has taken him to the world of online news reporting that allows him to edit and release content to a global audience faster.McDonald began his journalism career back in 1988 with The Republic. While his first job was an assignment reporter, he quickly went on to covering everything from politics to economics. As he career flourished, he began managing groups of reporters and building up his foundation of experience that would eventually allow him to head a publication of his own.By the early 90s, he began to work his way into editing working for several newspapers as a Freelancer. By 1999, he was lead editor for a small publication he had begun. It was during this experience that he did choose to focus the content of his publications to breaking news that is handled aggressively while ensuring that all content that appears here is not only factual but free from errors.

As Mr. McDonald continues his career, the future does remain bright for him. Not only does his focus remain on delivering quality, award winning content, but he is also focused on ensuring that the content that appears in publication remains exceptional for all readers. Mr. McDonald does welcome comments and concerns about the stories that do appear for publication. Presently, he holds a Master’s Degree in Journalism.


Senior Writer: Rebecca Davis – Email: rebecca@wagerrun.com

Rebecca Davis began her career in journalism 10 years ago. Her passion includes a wide range of topics that include music and movies. With a forward vision on delivering accurate content to her readers about the hottest entertainment topics, you can be certain that Ms. Davis will focus on the issues that are important for you.Ms. Davis does hold a degree in Journalism and feels that painting the full picture on any story is essential. When she began her career, she was a general news reporter and then quickly moved on to the Entertainment columns. With her experience, she is able to deliver a quality article that you can count on.During her time as an entertainment writer she has worked on everything from reviews to celebrity interviews. Her articles are gripping and honest and this is one of the reasons why she has achieved a strong readership level over the years. With a wide range of experience, she continues to grow her experience levels with a focus on expanding her career in new directions.

When Davis isn’t working on breaking entertainment news, she can be found working on other personal interest stories. In recent years, she has worked on relationship advice, suicide prevention and how to handle domestic violence with loved ones. Her vast experience of knowledge has helped her to become recognized as a socially conscious individual who has quickly become a trusted individual.

If you have any questions for Ms. Davis or have information on a breaking story, please take the time to contact her.


Entertainment & U.S News: Lacy Bryant – Email: lacy@wagerrun.com

Lacy Bryant is a devoted writer who has a passion for the entertainment industry. Her experience has allowed her to speak with top name celebrities and to handle movie reviews over the last 12 years. While she has focused some of her work over the years on gossip topics, she still finds that most of her experience does remain in investigative journalism.

Ms. Bryant holds a Masters in Journalism and spent her youth working on general interest stories as she worked her way through college. This experience has allowed her to build a solid understanding of how the journalistic process works and how to deliver a piece of writing that not only delivers the full story, but answers the questions that her readers have. This focus on quality certainly has earned her respect from readers and peers over the years.

When she isn’t working on her articles, Lacy spends her spare time reading books and reviewing them. With a passion for topics that range from Romance to Mystery and Thriller, she is also a talented literature reviewer. This experience has also allowed her to extend her career past the basic points of journalism. Her dream is to one day to write a well-received mystery that incorporates many of the twists that she has discovered in her time working in investigative reporting.

As a Native of Louisiana, she is proud of her heritage and remains focused on making her hometown of New Orleans proud. She is married and the proud mother of three beautiful girls.


World News: Stephanie Jowaski – Email: stephanie@wagerrun.com

Stephanie Jowaski is an experienced journalist with more than 14 years of experience behind her. With her focus on World news, she continues to deliver the breaking news that affects the different nations and ensure that her readers are presented with the information that is essential to the people of the world. When real world matters are pressing, you can count on her to deliver the stories that are going to have an actual impact on you and the world that you live in.

Mrs. Jowaski also has experience in U.S. political matters as well. This experience allows her to provide input on how this can affect domestic relations and what these news stories can mean for your world. With that perspective, you will have the chance to fully understand how the world news she presents will affect your world.

The world news she covers includes political affairs, health matters and other elements that are important for the general public to understand. This effective form of reporting has helped her to gain the trust of her readers and to ensure that the general public receives the information that they need about the pressing world issues that are out there in the world.

Outside of work, Stephanie remains focused on her busy schedule raising a family of four with her husband. She remains passionate about world travel as well. While balancing both of these she is able to expand her experience to the point where it does benefit her readers.  


U.S. & World News: Jill Stewart – Email: jill@wagerrun.com

Jill Stewart is an experienced U.S. News and World News writer. Her focus is on the real world events that take place here in the United States and those World news stories that can affect you. With more than a decade of writing experience, she is able to bring to light the different events that the general public should know about.

Ms. Stewart’s experience in journalism has mainly been focused on investigative reporting over the years. This form of reporting allows her to discover details that many other new agencies aren’t reporting and this helps to ensure that the general reader does have the chance to get the full impact of the story. This helps readers to feel like they are being given the whole story, when compared to many of the vague new stories out there.

In recent years, Ms. Stewart has turned her attention to the hard hitting issues so as socialism and other forms of political importance to help the people get a better understanding of what is going on in the world. This is one of the reasons why people turn to her articles for delivering real and honest information that they can count on. With integrity and a professional writing style, you can count on getting the news you need handled in a professional manner.

Outside of the news room, Ms. Stewart continues to explore her passion for the world. Currently, she is studying the art of the world as well as traveling and exploring the culinary delicacies of the world as well.


Sports News: John Drummond – Email: john@wagerrun.com

John Drummond is a professional sports writer who has 8 years of experience in the field. As a former college player, he has experienced a number of sporting events firsthand and this allows him to effectively present his stories and commentary. This helps him to be an authority on this topic and that comes across in the articles that he releases to the general public.

Mr. Drummond also has a degree in Journalism that helps him to develop a hard hitting story that delivers the full impact of the sports recaps and the breaking news that is taking place in the world of sports. With his vast experience, this does let him to combine the facts with firsthand experience that is going to give readers the broad scope of information that is going to help the reader to understand what the story means for the impact on teams.

Readers will find that Mr. Drummond has a deep understanding of the world of sports. He remains an avid fan and his connections allow him to deliver real sports stories that are going to have an overall impact with those who follow him. Through the years he has increased his credibility and built up a strong following of readers.

When he isn’t writing his articles for the sports section, John enjoys spending time with his wife and young son. One of the favorite pass times for his family is heading out to NASCAR events and spending the time mixing with the other fans of this popular American sport.


Entertainment News & Reviews: Sarah Trist – Email: sarah@wagerrun.com

Sarah Trist is a professional entertainment and review writer who has a passion for the articles that she writes. These topics range from the music industry and include the movie and literary realms as well. This broad spectrum of experience does allow her readers to get the biggest picture and understanding possible with the forms of entertainment that is out there.

Ms. Trist has five years of experience writing reviews and has worked for several different publications in her career. This experience has allowed her to expand on her writing style as it allows her to ensure that her readers get a real set of reviews that covers all the essentials of the item being reviewed. This includes in depth movie, book and music reviews.

With her experience, she also has had the chance to sit down with celebrities to interview them on a variety of topics that have built her a strong following of readers over the year. This experience has also provided her the chance to ask the questions that do mean the most to her readers. This helps to expand their understanding and to ensure that they get true value from these articles.

Outside of work, Sarah also enjoys spending the time writing. Her passion is for short stories and one day she is looking to write a novel of her own. Along with this, she does enjoy spending her time with her husband attending different concerts from some of the biggest names in the music industry.