Kobe Bryant Divorce Battle

Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant are trying to keep the details of their divorce private, stating that the basketball player and her wife intend to resolve all issues related to the divorce in private fashion and there is no ‘Kobe Bryant Divorce Battle.’ It is not unusual for celebrity couples to arrange privately divorce issues, and Kobe and Vanessa are expected to file for a final settlement with Orange County Superior Court in 2012. The couple did not sign a prenuptial agreement, according Vanessa Bryant’s mother.

Koby Bryant Divorce

In the meantime, news that Kobe Bryant was repeatedly cheating hit the headlines, which can make Kobe Bryant divorce battle more difficult for him. Tabloids state that he had relationship with one of Kim Kradshian’s best friends. Reportedly, the basketball star’s latest love affair was with 27-year-old Carla DiBello, who is a producer on the reality TV series “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and “Kourtney and Kim Take New York.” The 33-year-old Kobe Bryant is meeting with DiBello since 2009, according to sources close to the Kardashians.

The Bryants have two daughters, Natalia and Giana, and filed for joint custody of them, asking the public to respect their privacy during difficult times. Vanessa is asking for visitation rights to be granted to Kobe.

The NBA star declined to comment on ‘Kobe Bryant divorce battle’ on Friday.

Joe Paterno Back to the Hospital

Joe Paterno, the legendary former Penn State football coach, has suffered from fractured pelvis after a fall at his home and was rushed to a hospital to receive treatment. Paterno would not need to undergo surgery but will be treated for cancer and is expected to be fully recovered within days, hospital sources said.

Joe Paterno Hospitalized

The 84-year-old Paterno has a treatable form of lung cancer and doctors expressed optimism he can be fully recovered from the illness. During preseason practice in August, Paterno hurt his pelvis after a blindsiding incident on the field.

The Brooklyn, New York-born Paterno headed the football team of Penn State in 1966 and remained at the helm until last month when he was fired amidst a child abuse scandal involving a former defensive coordinator of the Nittany Lions, Jerry Sandusky. Paterno managed to lead his team to a record 409 NCAA Division I victories during his career.

Sandusky is charged with abusing young men while being part of the team’s management for years. Paterno is not charged but was fired along with Penn State President Graham Spanier, who tried to cover the scandal when another member of the management witnessed Sandusky and a young man in the team’s bathroom and informed Spanier and one of his deputies in charge of the university police force.

Bell Media, Rogers Buy Toronto Maple Leafs In $1 Billion Deal

BCE Bell Canada and Rogers Communications joined forces to make a $1.2-billion bid for 80 percent stake in Maple Leaf Sports Entertainment, the two company announce in a joint press release. Rogers and Bell are leading Canadian telecommunications companies, while the target company is Canada’s largest sports conglomerate, in which the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan holds a majority stake.


The company’s assets include the richest hockey club in the world, the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Raptors basketball team, Major League Soccer’s Toronto team, the Marlies who play in the American Hockey League. In addition, the company owns the Air Canada Centre, two specialty television channels, and a condominium development adjacent to the arena.

The 80-percent stake would be split equally between the two bidders, with each of them purchasing 37.5 percent of M.L.S.E. The Ontario Teachers held an auction for M.L.S.E. but no deal was finalized for long time because no bidder was able to meet Ontario Teachers’ target price. Ontario Teachers accepted a deal only after the joint bid of BCE Bell Canada and Rogers valued the company at nearly $1.7 billion.

The deal, however, will be scrutinized by Canadian anti-trust authorities and a final approval is not expected before next summer.

The Maple Leafs is the most valuable asset of M.L.S.E., with Forbes valuing the team at $521 million on revenues worth $193 million and operating income of $81.8 million. Its valuation rose by 3 percent year over year, making by far the most valuable team in the N.H.L.

Oregon State Football Player Collapses, Dies

Fred Thompson, a 19-years-old Oregon State football player, collapsed during a basketball game and died following a heart attack on Wednesday, local media reported. Paramedics were unable to save the life of the young man, with doctors at Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis declaring him dead upon his arrival in the hospital.

Fred Thompson

Thompson was a freshman from Richmond, California, where he played as a standout player at Oakland Technical Senior High. He was recovering from shoulder surgery and missed this season.

Football coach Mike Riley is expected to be back to Corvallis after the news hit him while recruiting new players off campus.
The promising football player considered to graduate in business sciences and selected Oregon State because of the “family vibe, nice campus and great academics,” according to his team biography, published online.

Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler’s Engagement Back On

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler have engaged again after a five-month break, the reality actress tweeted, adding that this time it’s official. She elegantly showed her new wedding ring in Beverly Hills, spreading the news on their engagement. A source close to the couple said that the two have been working out their engagement after taking a break from an initial engagement in April. Jay Cutler told journalists there is no date for an official engagement.

Jay Cutler Kristin Cavallari

The Chicago Bears player was injured during a game against the San Diego Chargers, suffering a broken and dislocated thumb, thus he will have time to take care of his personal life. His manager, Lovie Smith, said the team is going along like Cutler will be able to play again soon. The surgery, made by Colorado specialist, went well, according to Smith. Cutler now has three screws and two pins in the thumb, with doctors expecting the pins to be removed three-to-10 weeks after surgery.

A close friend of Cavallari said the actress is absolutely devastated and still cannot believe this is happening. Following their first engagement in April, Cavallari said she and Jay always knew they are intended to be a couple.

Red Sox take risk with Bobby Valentine

Boston Red Sox finalized a deal putting Bobby Valentine at the helm of the team, with Valentine expressing his great desire to take the job. He is to succeed Terry Francona at the post but pundits claim that such a move poses great risk because Valentine is considered to be intense and volatile. In addition, Valentine has never won a division title while managing  the teams of the Texas Rangers and New York Mets for a total of 12 full seasons.

Red Sox Bobby ValentineHe has not managed in the United States since 2002 but led Japan’s Chiba Lotte Marines to their first title in 31 years, winning also the Asia Series. Nevertheless, his successes in the U.S. include only two wild cards and one National League pennant.

Former general manager of New York Mets, Steve Phillips, said the Sox can only benefit from hiring Valentine, describing him as an experienced manager who is opinionated, reads stats well, and numbers mean something to him. He is the best fit for the team, according to Phillips.

Valentine has returned from Japan to sign his contract, commenting that the Red Sox are a great team and the opportunity to manage them is fabulous.

Ashton Kutcher Tweet on Joe Paterno

Ashton Kutcher, the new Two and a Half Men star, apologized for his Twitter message in support of fired Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, saying that from now on his team at Katalyst media will manage his Twitter account. The husband of actress Demi Moore said he got lost in the story surrounding the lay-off of legendary coach Joe Paterno, who led his team to historic number of victories in major college football. An assistant to Paterno, allegedly committed child-abuse in the past, which was not reported by Penn State top executives to authorities.

Ashton Kutcher Tweet

Kutcher’s Twitter account has over 8 million followers, with other celebrities enjoying even larger number of online fans who follow their all and every word submitted via Twitter. Therefore, celebrities should be more responsible when the matter in hand is a subject they are not completely familiar with, and have to avoid commenting on current news and topics, including events in which they are involved, publicity experts said.

Originally, Ashton Kutcher reacted angrily to the fact that the Penn State board of trustees fired Joe Paterno and joined thousands of students who went to the streets to protest against the decision of the university authorities. Later, Kutcher realized that he lacks background information on the whole story and issued an apology, becoming one of many celebrities who used their Twitter accounts to post comments on controversial news only to face angry reactions from their fans.

Joe Paterno Fired from Penn State

The Penn State university board of trustees announced that Joe Paterno, the most successful football coach in the history of major college football, had been fired amid allegations of a child sex-abuse by a former assistant coach. Graham B. Spanier, the Penn State president also resigned in the midst of a growing scandal.

Joe Paterno Fired

The 84-year-old Paterno was laid-off after the former coach Jerry Sandusky was accused of a child-sex abuse who was involved in such practices for years. “Let me think it through,” Paterno told journalists outside his home, adding that he is not the football coach anymore after heading Penn State’s football team for 46 years.

Thousands of Penn State students flooded the streets, shouting slogans that they want Joe back and asking for one more game. Later, the crowds of students clashed with police at Beaver Avenue.

Allegedly, Jerry Sandusky has molested eight boys in 15 years while Paterno failed or did not want to stop him, critics said. Former graduate assistant and current assistant coach Mike McQueary, the athletic director, Tim Curley, and the vice president, Gary Schultz, were also involved in a 2002 case when McQueary spotted Sandusky molesting a young boy in the Penn State sports center showers. Schultz notified Spanier but all officials who were aware of the incident did not notify the authorities.
Paterno led his team to record 409 victories in college football, managed to win two national championships and guided five teams to unbeaten, untied seasons.

Feds Considering Purchase Of Nuclear Subs

Canadian federal government is mulling options to purchase nuclear submarines to replace the old-fashioned fleet of second-hand diesel-fueled subs bought in 1998 from the British navy. Most of the subs are permanently in state of major repair burdening the federal budget. The submarines were purchased for $750 million but the overall cost of the deal exceeded $1 billion due to continuous technical issues with the subs.

Nuclear Subs

HMCS Chicoutimi, one of the diesel-powered submarines, is in the repair yards for 13 years, having only two days of active service. The total cost to repair the submarine is expected to reach $400 million. By 2013, Canadian taxpayers will pay some $3 billion for the submarines bought in 1998, a sum large enough to finance the purchase of brand new ships.

The government is considering the purchase of nuclear submarines to replace the old ones, which are not able to patrol under the Arctic ice, Defense Minister Peter MacKay hinted. However, the high price of nuclear submarines, which cost some $3 billion each, may prevent the government in Ottawa from replacing its old subs with modern nuclear ones.

Turkey Earthquake 2011

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Turkey, taking the lives of at least 240 citizens and injuring more than 1,000 people in and around the city of Van on Sunday, local media reported. Rescue teams are searching for survivors in the area where more than 200 aftershocks were registered during the early morning hours on Monday.

Turkey Earthquake 2011

Ercis, a town close to Van, was severely hit by the earthquake and over 120 people reportedly died in damaged buildings throughout the town. At least 100 people are reported dead in Van. Over 700 people have been injured in Ercis while 350 citizens of Van have been injured in the quake, according to Turkish media.

The Turkish authorities sent more than 1,200 aid workers to the area, while many other nations offered assistance. The Turkish army is participating actively in the rescue process, while more than 140 ambulances and 500 personnel were sent to Van and Ercis by the Health Ministry to help local residents who spent the night on the streets. Tents, blankets and warm clothing were also sent to the region struck by the powerful earthquake. The government managed to organize field kitchens that are able to provide support for up to 25,000 people, a spokesman for the government told journalists in Ankara. The authorities arranged some 12,000 tents to be delivered in the towns of Ercis and Van.

Rescuers from 38 nearby towns arrived in Ercis and Van to look for survivors, while Israel also proposed assistance but the Turkey’s government rejected the offer. U.S. President Barack Obama said Washington is ready to provide assistance to its Turkish ally, where important NATO military bases are located.

In 1999, two powerful earthquakes shook northwestern Turkey killing thousands of residents and causing heavy damages to the local economy. Turkey, where major fault lines are located, often is experiencing earthquakes, scientists said.