Madden 12 Release Date

Madden NFL 12 will be released at midnight on August 30 while publisher EA Sports have embed new features to make the game tougher for gamers. The game was set to be released a couple of weeks ago but the NFL player lockout delayed the planned release, because the game is made to kick-off with the actual start of the season.

Madden 12

The new version of the game features enhanced graphics and overall performance with developers not really trying to change gameplay in version number 12. Actually, EA Sports have bet on improved graphics and all parts of the game are covered by the new graphic outlook.

Beta testers revealed the game is the nearest version to a live TV broadcast a game managed to achieve, while Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth deliver the live comments of pundits. Commentary element of the game is greatly improved compared to previous versions, while games can be played faster though the Gameflow play-calling system. Realistic tackling is another big improvement.

The price of the game is set at $59.99 for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions, while the version for Nintendo Wii costs $49.99. Versions of the game for Playstation 2 and PSP are to be sold for $39.99.

Game fans can enjoy a mobile version of Madden 12 that can run on the iPad, iPod touch, and Android-powered phones.

Diablo 3 Beta Testing

Gamers from North America will be the first who will be invited to participate in Diablo 3 beta testing, the long-awaited sequel to the classic Diablo game, PC Magazine reported. Developers from Blizzard announced the game will be offered to people who have a account. Those who are interested in Diablo 3 beta testing can apply through their “Beta Profile Account Management” option in

Diablo 3 Beta

Blizzard said in a statement the company is going to send emails inviting players to join the Diablo 3 betat testing, therefore, applying to participate in the test run does not guarantee one would be allowed to enter the beta testing. The company plans to invite players in waves, and some players might get an invitation at a later stage, the press release reads.

North American users will be in the first wave with 1,000 people already being included in the invitation list at BlizzCon No end-date for the beta test is specified with Blizzard declining to comment on the total number of players that will be invited to enjoy Diablo 3 before its official release. The game will feature five character classes while developers added new characters to game. Those who have the chance to beta-test the game will not be allowed to retain their progress in the official version of Diablo 3.

PlayStation Uncharted 3

From the, “Time Crisis” role playing game of PlayStation 1 to now PlayStation Uncharted 3, certainly it is one of the most sought to have game played by PlayStation users. The PlayStation Uncharted 3 multi-player action game has received tremendous results from its beta testing making 1.53 million players who participated very happy.

PlayStation Uncharted 3

PlayStation Uncharted 3 has a different level of presenting visuals and effects. This is the biggest gaming news for this year. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception revolves in the character of Nathan Drake who has a mission to pursue in the part of Arabian Desert. The challenges, features and tools are just unbelievable. It is supported by 3D animation with high resolution.

The story of PlayStation’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has a cool twist and climax which gamers are looking for. Indeed, this game is will likely be played by many gaming enthusiasts. Sony has its numbers up to 22 million matches, racking up $1.9 trillion in in-game cash. Without a doubt this game will likely be one of the craziest games ever played in PlayStation 3.

PlayStation Uncharted 3 has almost all the ingredients in which every gamer is looking for. In the aspect of online gaming, the more features gamers get, the more likely they will play the game. As for upcoming updates for PlayStation Uncharted 3, we just need to wait and see what other things this game will offer us in the upcoming months.

Diablo 3 Beta Download Update

If you’re playing Star Craft or Call of Duty, I’m sure you’ve heard some interesting news about the release date of the Diablo 3 Beta download. Without a doubt the beta version of Diablo 3 has finally been made available today to some lucky online gamers. This was confirmed by Moreover, Joystiq mentioned that Diablo 3 is getting more intense and it has a lot of new features from the characters down to the items which online gamers won’t dare to miss.

Diablo 3 Beta Download

The great characteristic of the new Diablo 3 game is that it empowers the gamers to customize their chosen character. If the Diablo games 1 & 2 were already hits when first released, Diablo 3 will be more exciting than ever. The Diablo 3 Beta download is such great news for the online gaming industry this year. Meanwhile, Wyatt Cheng of the Blizzard Company compared the game to Call of Duty played on Xbox and PS3. This game is another move on PC games simulation to further enhance and exceed gamer’s expectations.

Indeed, the Diablo 3 Beta download is getting attention today which will increase within the upcoming days. It’s an unbelievable feeling to many online gamers that the Diablo 3 Beta download has finally arrived. As more news and updates comes in to about the game we will surely be the first to let you know.

Diablo III Beta Testing: Diablo 3 Release Date

From the World of Warcraft down to Star Craft 2, online gamers have been hard core fans on this type of online games but with the news on the Diablo 3 Release Date, many are awaiting and excited about the official date of its availability on the market. Meanwhile, Diablo III is the third sequel of the Diablo franchise. It is a role playing game which is filled with fantasy and horror that will bring you to new heights of playing games online.

Diablo 3 Release Date

While there are many new features on the upcoming of Diablo 3 game, everyone is asking about when is the exact date of its release. When the first Diablo game came out, many gamers around the world had enjoyed playing it until such time the clamor for Diablo II came in the picture which had tremendous results. Now with speculations of the Diablo 3 Release Date, many are crossing their fingers that the much anticipated game will be released this year.

It was May of this year when Mike Morhaime broke the announcement about the release of Diablo III for beta testing. Now, as the 1st day of August starts, some sources have confirmed that Diablo 3 will promote a regional auction house where players can sell and buy items in exchange for real world-money.

As the hype of the Diablo 3 Release Date, is getting more exciting, we just need to wait for further announcements once the Diablo III Beta testing for this game has been completed. You can expect Diablo 3 out before Christmas.

PlayStation Network Update: PSN Store Opens in Brazil

It is official! Sony has opened a PlayStation Network Store in Brazil. Sony has already chosen 200 pieces of content that was chosen specifically with Brazil gamers in mind. The PSN store opens in Brazil with a launch of downloadable game titles that includes Assassin’s Creed II and even classics like Metal Gear Solid. The PSN store is also offering demos for games such as Little Big Planet. The store will have regular weekly updates that will begin on August 2, 2011. PSN users who were affected by the service outage earlier this year are glad the PSN store opens in Brazil because Sony is going to extend its PSN Welcome Back Program to those users.

PSN Store Brazil

The Brazil store was launched as part of Sony’s plans to extend digital entertainment throughout Latin America. Brazil is only the second country in this area that can enjoy digital content from the PlayStation Network on PS3 and PSP. Along with the downloadable content and games, the Brazilian PlayStation Network allows for multiplayer online gaming, chat, social networking and friends lists.

The new PSN store is available to users in English or Brazilian Portuguese languages and allows for payments via credit cards. The store is planning on allowing pre-paid cards for purchases that can be bought in retail stores soon. Because piracy is still at a high level in Brazil, legal gamers are hoping the new store will help curb some of the illegal gaming activities that have caused service issues in the past.

Team Fortress 2: Free To Play On PC and MAC

If you are a game lover you should know that Team Fortress 2 is now available for free play on PC and MAC. If you are a Steam users you will be able to download and play the entire game experience. What is the entire game experience? Nine character classes, all maps (mod-made and official) and the ton of updates.

team fortress 2The game’s developer and maker, Valve is also the developer and maker of Half Life and Portal. The company will be making money from the digital arsenal of upgraded guns. You will be able to earn most of the content through free play however. Expect to see ads when you are playing as well.

Robin Walker, Valve’s Team Fortress 2 lead told Develop Online that there will be no premium subscription models and that just because you have a lot of money you will not be able to push past the competition by buying all of the best weapons.

PlayStation Network Status: June 7 PSN Update

People in some parts of the world are still closely watching the PlayStation network status as they wait for things to come back online. Some people have service and some people simply do not. Sony can not just flip some huge switch that will get everything back online, it is tedious work to get everything online.

playstation network statusThe first breach that made the PlayStation network status one of the most searched for terms online was back in April. There was another attack recently by a hacker group which is called Lulzsec. The hacker group said that Sony’s security was pathetic and they should have better security in place.

Do you think that the company will be able to recover from two attacks? They have yet to provide proof against the first group of hackers that they believe hacked them. Sony is offering a ‘Welcome Back’ package that gives away free games but if people can not access the PlayStation store that is not going to help them. Do you have service in your area?

PlayStation Network Status: Sony ‘Welcome Back’ Package

Users were worried about the PlayStation network status once again as another hacker group named Lulzsec breached the system. Would this be another long outage like the last attack which happened in April? I guess not since the PlayStation store and PSN are up and running.

PlayStation NetworkThe PlayStation store was reactivated and back online Friday and introduced its “Welcome Back” package. The hopes are to calm down the thousands of angry clients that have not enjoyed the interruption in services.

Who will be able to cash in on the “Welcome Back” package?

Any PSN user that signed up before the outage, (that means April 20, 2011 or before), to pick two of their favorite games for the PS3 system as well as two games for the PSP system. Besides for that users are going to be able access premium subscription service, PlayStation Plus, which has games, discounts, exclusive offers and added features such as automatic downloads and online storage. The PlayStation Plus subscription will be free for them for 30 days and will not require a long term commitment.

Users of PSN will get 100 virtual items in the PlayStation Home as well. If you are a current Music Unlimited Premium subscriber you will get 30 additional days of premium plus whatever days were lost due to the outage.

PlayStation Network Status: Sony Being Hacked Again? June 2

If you are worried about the PlayStation network status you may have cause to worry. Hacker group LulzSec claims that it is going to take Sony down and that it is already hacking the servers without any alarms going off.

Sony is of course hoping that the claims coming from this hacker group will not affect the PlayStation network status and that services will run normally.

Hacker group LulzSec has already hacked the PBS website and put a fake article on the site. The article said that rapper Tupac was still alive and had a lot of people quite confused about the news.

As you know Sony still has not fully recovered from the breaches that happened to PSN in April. If the company experienced another attack it would be devastating. Not only would the company be bleeding millions of dollars but they would most likely lose many new customers that had been considering coming and using the services by Sony.

Loyal PlayStation fans are hoping that all goes well with the repair and servicing of all areas that PSN reaches but hackers and non-fans are having a good laugh as Sony attempts to get back on their feet.