Alcohol Blamed in Ukraine Cold Deaths

A wave of cold weather hit large parts of Europe, causing the death of numerous people across the continent, while alcohol was blamed in Ukraine cold deaths, Emergency Situations Minister Viktor Baloga told journalists. Reportedly, some 130 people have died due to the bad weather in Ukraine in the past couple of weeks, while 3,000 Ukrainians have been hospitalized during the same period.

Ukraine Cold Deaths

Some 14,000 homeless people are roaming along the streets of the Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, and it is not quite a news story that alcohol is blamed in Ukraine cold deaths, since the alcohol is an obvious solution for homeless people to warm themselves in below-freezing conditions. The authorities have distributed some 3,000 emergency relief tents all over the country, trying to reduce the number of cold-related deaths to a minimum.

The alcohol gives an imaginary feeling of security, while not helping the body to get warmer, thus causing numerous deaths among homeless and low-income people who have no other means to protect themselves against freezing.

The temperatures in Kiev have been below zero degrees Celsius for 25 days in a row and, alcohol blamed in Ukraine cold deaths aside, many people who are working outside also suffer from the somewhat unusual weather conditions.

Surfing Dolphins Make Waves In Florida

Surfing dolphins make waves in Florida, where surfers near St. Pete Beach can enjoy the company of a pair of playful bottlenose dolphins. Dolphins are close relatives to the whales and porpoises, although much more friendly to people, and can reach up to 30 ft in size. Some forty species of dolphin distributed in 17 genera exist across the globe, with all dolphins being one of the most intelligent animals on Earth along with pigs and anthropoids.

Surfing Dolphins Florida

It is not quite unusual for surfing dolphins to make waves in Florida since dolphins inhabit virtually all seas and ocean, while members of the Delphinidae family can also be meet in rivers on all continents. They are usually living in groups called a “school” or a “pod” but many male-female couples are observed to play together in the shallow waters close to beaches visited by humans.

According to experts, the dolphins in Florida have been Common Bottlenose Dolphin, or Tursiops truncatus of the Genus Tursiops family, which are similar but not identical to the Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin, or Tursiops aduncus, which is a more common inhabitant of the Pacific.

Some scientist attribute the playful character of the dolphins to their early predecessors of the Artiodactyl order, who entered the water some 50 million years ago, during the Eocene. Unfortunately, predecessors of the human kind were unable to catch on video how surfing dolphins make waves in Florida in the epoch of Eocene when a handful of amazing teeth-rich creatures inhabited our planet.

Huge Whale Shark Caught

Huge whale shark caught by Pakistani fishermen near Karachi managed to sell the giant fish for 1.7 million rupees, or $18,000, local media reported. The 40-foot-long whale shark was removed from the boat with the help of five cranes before the eyes of a huge crowd in the port of Karachi.

Whale Shark

A huge whale shark caught by a fishing net is not an uncommon event in Pakistan although the fish is protected by the law in numerous countries around the world. According to estimates, Pakistan is on the list of the Top 20 shark exporting countries in the world, with Southeast Asia countries exporting the bulk park of sharks globally.

Population of whale shark is constantly decreasing, which forced the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources to declared it a threatened species in 2008. Nevertheless, fishermen in Southeast Asia continue to hunt for the big fish, which despite its size is not an aggressive or human-attacking creature.

Local sources in Karachi said that at least 30 whale sharks have been caught in the sea offshore Karachi in the past decade, making it the site with the largest number of catches officially reported. A huge whale shark is caught usually by boats hunting for other fish and fishermen routinely say that the whale shark has been already dead when taken aboard, to avoid prosecution.

Argentina to File Protest Against Great Britain at U.N.

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner announced that Argentina is to file protest against Great Britain at U.N. following moves by the British military that have been described as “militarization” of the Falkland Islands, local media reported. The Falklands War erupted in April 30 years ago following an exchange of exchange of accusations between Argentina and the United Kingdom although most political commentators agree that a new war between the countries over the Falkland Islands is highly unlikely.

Argentina Complaint

The UK sent a destroyer to the region while UK’s Prince William, second in line to the throne, has also been deployed to the Falkland Islands last week causing a massive wave of media hype. A decision by Argentina to file protest against Great Britain at U.N. would be a unwise move, according to a Downing St. spokeswoman who added that the British military posture in the region remains the same. South America’s trading bloc Mercosur announced a decision in December preventing Falkland Islands’ based ships from entering ports across its member states, while London responded by the HMS Dauntless to the South Atlantic.

The British side insists both the deployment of Prince William and the Royal Navy destroyer are “routine”, nevertheless a nervous Argentine president continuously states that Argentina is to file protest against Britain at U.N., urging the Security Council to take measures against “the militarization”.

5000 Missing in Mexico Drug War

Mexico’s government said that about 5000 missing in Mexico drug war have been reported throughout the country where more than 47,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence during the past five years. President Felipe Calder?n started a massive on drug cartels, ordering the military to take action, but during the first nine months of 2011 alone drug-related killing rose by 11 percent year-over-year, a report by the government showed. From January 2011 through September 2011 nearly 13,000 Mexicans lost their lives in drug-related violence, the report said.

Mexico Drug War

The wave of violence hit major cities as Guadalajara that were once considered safe places but with 5000 missing on Mexico drug war no place all over the country can be regarded as safe at present, experts said. There is increasing frustration among Mexicans who believe that the number of drug-related killing is even higher but the government is hiding information on the actual number of violent murders across the country. Initially, the government claimed it is classified information that cannot be released to the public without putting at risk the national security but later a report was revealed, whose figures, however, are disputable, according to independent analysts.

Local experts put the number of drug-related killings at more than 67,000 since a wave of violence hit the country in 2007. The figure is in sharp contrast with government reports that about 47,000 people have been killed in the past five years.

Recently, drug-related killings have been reported in Mexico city, hinting that even the heavily patrolled financial districts of the Mexico’s capital are no longer safe.

In December 2006 President Felipe Calderon ordered the military to engage in a campaign against the local drug cartels, while the drug gangs responded with mass killings in eight of Mexico’s 32 states, with another 5000 missing in Mexico drug war in the process.

Miss America 2012

Miss America 2012 is Kenosha, Wisconsin-born Laura Kaeppeler who won the title at a ceremony held in Las Vegas, where contestants from every U.S. state gathered to compete for the crown of the most attractive woman in the United States. The 23-year-old Kaeppeler was crowned after she managed to oust runner-ups Miss Oklahoma Betty Thompson and Miss California Noelle Freeman, demonstrating her singing and dancing skills.

Miss America 2012

Later on, the new Miss America 2012 hit at Miss New York Kaitlin Monte, stating that American elect politicians should represent everyone in this country, winning acclaims from the jury. The highly-wanted title is accompanied by a scholarship worth $50,000, while Laura Kaeppeler has a whole one year to enjoy her role as Miss America and engage in various charity causes as expected.

Former Miss America winners took to their Twitter accounts to congratulate Kaeppeler, with Teresa Scanlan, Miss America 2011, and Rima Fakih, Miss USA 2010, saying words of warmth to Miss America 2012.

Brooke Burke-Charvet and Chris Harrison hosted the ceremony that tool place in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, with contestants showing up in bath suites and evening dress along with demonstrating various artistic skills.
Kaeppeler’s father was behind bars serving a jail term for mail fraud, while his daughter used the contest to encourage those who are offspring of jailed parents not feel alone and bravely face what life has to offer them. The newly-crowned Miss America 2012 was described as honest girl who lives next door by former fellow winners.

The Bachelor Spoilers Season 16

The Bachelor spoilers Season 16 seem to provoke very mixed reactions across different audiences when the show was staged in San Francisco and Ben called the city his home, annoying watchers who liked him for calling ‘home’ Sanoma last week. While Ben was chatting with his sister, the other 16 contestants got to their new suite, with host Chris Harrison urging the women to prepare for one group date and a pair of one-on-one dates during the week.

Bachelor SPoilers

Ben invited Emily to climb the Bay Bridge, where the woman got stuck after reaching a certain height. Then Ben kissed her, an act that encouraged the Bachelorette spoilers Season 16 contestant to continue her climbing walk and get rewarded with a dinner by the bridge. She got a rose from Ben and the two enjoyed a “private” fireworks show. Later on, Ben and the ladies attended a group date involving snow skiing down a random San Francisco street, followed by a visit to the hotel pool.

A mysterious woman, who uncovered she is Shawntel, the funeral director from Brad Womack’s season, appeared at the show causing havoc among the women who are partying at the hotel. Following a string of bad wording from the angry contestants, Ben is set to choose among three women: the Bachelorette spoilers Season 16 runner-ups Erica, Shawntel and Jaclyn, leaving him with less room to maneuver and forcing him to opt for the three of them in a surprising move.

Diamond Resorts on Undercover Boss

With placing Stephen J. Cloobeck, CEO of Diamond Resorts on Undercover Boss, CBS expects to attract viewers who are interested in watching how a big boss is going undercover as a worker in his own company that is involved in hospitality business. Cloobeck rebranded a company that was making loses into a new one, called Diamond Resorts, but is afraid that new affiliated resorts he recently purchased are not adopting his corporate virtues and goals as expected.

Diamond Resorts

Cloobeck is undercover as Jack Fisher, a man seeking a job as a hospitality worker in Diamond Resorts on Undercover Boss. First, he visited a resort in Sedona, Arizona, where he recently purchased a business. During this brief visit he is appointed to help in roof-top air conditioning unit repair works where he meets Ed, a former owner of a local RV repair business.

Later, Cloobeck visits Miami, Florida to uncover that Sarah, to whom he is known as Jack Fisher, not Stephen Cloobeck from Diamond Resorts on Undercover Boss, is not prepared to perform her tasks properly. Actually, he rebranded Diamond Resorts in an “yes” company, which means that all and every requirement of a client has to be met. He reveals his true identity in frustration, telling Sarah’s supervisor that she has to undergo re-training to perform her day-to-day duties properly.

Cloobeck is set to hear some unpleasant comments on the company that he acquired for $5 million five years ago. While visiting Willamsburg, Virginia he is told that many workers are leaving the company because of the frozen wages, and is surprised to see that Amanda, working in a Scottsdale, Arizona-based resort is not using the computer system to do her work.

Then, Jack Fisher is gone and Stephen Cloobeck, the CEO of Diamond Resorts on Undercover Boss, reveals his identity to all his employees, giving away more than $100,000 in bonuses, debt relief financing and other gestures of good will.

Italian Cruise Ship Sinking

Costa Concordia, the Italian cruise ship sinking off the coast of Northern Italy, fell victim to human errors with the ship owners blaming Captain Francesco Schettino for the accident that took the lives of at least 11 people, local media reported. A transcript of a conversation between an Italian Coast Guard official and the ship’s captain reveals that Schettino refused to return to the ship while aboard a lifeboat that according to him got stuck.

Italian Cruise Ship

The cruise liner capsized off the coast of Italy with 24 people still missing after the ship hit rocks during what looked like a routine cruise. Rescuers managed to find the bodies of five people so far.

Rescue operations continue while Dutch company Smit is preparing to conduct a survey of the Italian cruise ship sinking near what Captain Francesco Schettino claims to be uncharted rocks in order to determine how much time it would take to begin with the extraction process. Ecologists voiced concerns that a fuel spill may occur if an operation to empty the ship’s fuel tanks, containing some 2 million liters of fuel, is not conducted on time.

Costa Crociere, the company that owns the ship, claims the captain was not authorized to change the ship’s course that is pre-programmed, while the ship’s navigational computer should sound an alarm if change in the course occurs. The company insists that the captain did not follow certain procedures, which caused the 4,000-passenger vessel to run aground.

Francesco Schettino, the captain of the Italian cruise ship sinking off the coast of Tuscany faces manslaughter, shipwreck, and abandoning a ship charges and is in police custody, according to the Italian authorities.

Earthquake Hits off Antarctica’s Coast

A 6.6-magnitude earthquake hits off Antarctica’s coast at depth of 6.2 miles, rising fears there would have been a small possibility of a tsunami to occur, a possibility that fortunately did not materialize, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announced. The epicenter of the quake was located west on Coronation Islands south of South America’s southern tip and some 390 miles northeast of Antarctica’s Palmer Station.

Antartica Earthquake

A second earthquake followed almost an hour later, hitting the remote South Orkney Islands in Antarctica. The magnitude of the second tremor was measured at 5.1, the United States Geological Service said. This earthquake hits off Antarctica’s coast with no harm to people or damages to property, the statement reads.

Later on, the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Center announced that a possible tsunami would hit coasts located no more than several hundreds kilometers from the epicenter of the two quakes, while a giant tsunami is able to cause ocean waves that are able to reach coasts located at more than 10,000 kilometers from the epicenter of the quake. Such a tsunami struck Japan in March last year causing deaths of thousands of people and its waves hit an ice shelf in Antarctica.

People living in the regions bordering Antarctica are aware that when an earthquake hits off Antarctica’s coast it could, in theory, cause tsunami that is able to inflict serious damage.