7 Billion People in the World

World population reached 7 billion people on Monday, growing by a billion in only 12 years, according to a United Nations report. Gerhard Heilig, head of the UN’s population estimates, told journalists that although various countries claim the seven billionth baby was born on their soil, the UN admits its population figures can bear a 1-2 percent margin of error. Therefore, present global population could be anywhere in the range of 7 billion people within an error of 56 million people more or less.

7 Billion People

According to the UN Population Division, many developing countries worldwide do not maintain correct birth record databases, thus the accurate figures are hard to be estimated. Inaccurate data on world population forced the UN to announce that the global population may hit 7 billion at any time between end-2011 to end-2012.

An estimate by the US Census Bureau reads that the seven billionth member of today’s world population would be born March and April next year, adding that there are very controversial fertility data coming from countries like China and India, for example.

Actually, the UN selected 31 October 2011 as a symbolic data to draw attention to the fast pace of growth of world population, which raises variety of questions on the future development of the planet Earth. The main challenge is to feed such a vast and growing number of people across the globe and secure employment for people in different parts of the world, hit by a continuous economic crisis.