American Idol April 28 2011 Results: Who Got Voted Off 4/28/11

As you know last week Stefano Langone had to say goodbye but not without plenty of love from J-Lo. The American Idol 28 2011 results are going to determine the final five tonight. As the weeks go on the competition is more and more exciting. Who gets kicked off American Idol 4/28/11 results?

american idol april 28 2011 resultsThe finale is drawing near and this week is Carole King week. The finalists did okay I suppose. The duets that were performed were Casey and Haley, Lauren and Scotty and James and Jacob. What did you think of their performances?

After the American Idol April 28 2011 results tonight do you think it will be down to two girl and two guys or three guys and one girl? Who is going to be in the bottom three? My best guess is the bottom three will be Haley, Jacob and Casey. What are your thoughts?

Update: Casey Abrams was voted off!