Challenger Explosion: Challenger Disaster

What does America do when we suffer hardship? We make things bigger, better and safer. This is what we did after that horrible day when something we never thought would happen happened. The Challenger explosion rocked our world literally and figuratively.

The Challenger explosion happened just 25 years ago as of January 27th. People paid tribute to the seventeen fallen astronauts yesterday as the wound felt fresh and open again after the 25 years. When this disaster happened no one was expecting it. The Challenger explosion happened after Challenger had been used 9 times already so everyone thought it was safe.

NASA Chief Charlie Bolden paid tribute to the fallen astronauts January 27th and said that he would never forget. Not only will their families be missing them but the people of America miss the brave souls that were going into space as well. There have been several disasters when it comes to space exploration. Yesterday it was focused on the Challenger explosion.