Elian Gonzalez: Do You Remember?

Certain events almost always stand out in the mind. For one generation, the memories of where they were when they heard that Elvis had died.  Another generation remembers where they were when we launched an attack in Desert Storm or when the Challenger exploded. And, along with the generation of people who remember where they were when Michael Jackson died, most of those folks remember who Elian Gonzalez is without taking a second look.

For those of you that weren’t part of the generation of people who remember who Elian Gonzalez is, he is the young boy who was considered a Cuban castaway and was the center of an international custody battle just ten years ago. When Gonzalez was five, he was found drifting alone off the coast of Florida after his mother and many others drowned trying to get out of Cuba and into the US. The young boy was the center of International battles with US immigration officials as well as Fidel Castro, George W. Bush and Al Gore.  The process came to a halt when the boy was taken from the Miami home at gunpoint.

Gonzalez is now sixteen and in his first public statement, he indicates that he holds no grudge against the US, Miami or his relatives in the US surrounding the events that transpired. However, he does say that he doesn’t feel that anyone tried to help him move forwarded. Once Elian was returned to his father, he was celebrated as a national hero. His father, a restaurant employee was elected to parliament and has held that seat the entire time.