Firestick Plant: Rick Warren Burned

Rick Warren is an accomplished author and pastor. His church at Saddleback are in prayer now as he was burned earlier this morning. He tweeted the message and requested prayer. Warren was working in his garden when he wiped the sap of a firestick plant in his eyes while working in his garden.

While the sap did temporarily burn and blind him, he is fine now and recovering fine. This plant though is named from a tree known as the Blinding Tree. Obviously the name of the tree is indicative of the affects of having the sap in the eyes. Rick Warren’s tweet was sent out as a plea for prayer regarding a burn with a toxic substance which seemed to be much more serious than what the Firestick plant causes.

However, if you are the person who has burning eyes and cannot see, the problem most likely seems extraordinary. The sap is used in various products like drain cleaners, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze and the like. Obviously those aren’t the kind of substances anyone wants to have in their eyes ever. The Firestick plant has many good uses but as with anything as strong as this tree sap, care is one of the biggest issues when handling anything that contains it.