George Lopez: Making Waves

No one ever said that George Lopez was perfect but he upset the wrong lady. The other night he said that Kristie Alley did a good job on dancing with the stars. He said she was dancing away with her little hooves. George Lopez even showed a clip of a pig hanging out the window.

george lopezThe obvious pig comparison made Kristie Alley upset but George decided to apologize. He said he misjudged the joke and he didn’t mean to be mean. Kristie said she didn’t want or need his apology. Do you think Kristie should forgive George Lopez?

Kristie Alley responded to George by tweeting that she did not want his apology but she wanted his kidney. If you weren’t sure about what that meant it was simply a jab at George. His ex wife gave him her kidney and then he left her. That was a pretty good job at George Lopez.