Jalen Rose Checks Into Jail

The sad news about Jalen Rose checking into jail is somewhat controversial. An NBA superstar, who had played a number of NBA games and who has been one of the best guards of his time, it just saddens every basketball fan of this multi-talented player. Furthermore it was hours ago when a mug shot was taken of Jalen Rose before he could start his 20 day jail sentence.

Jalen Rose Mugshot

He is reported to being held in Oakland Country Jail. Meanwhile, the former NBA superstar was arrested because of a DUI violation, this was last March. The sad part about Jalen Rose checking into jail is the way he managed his personal life. Jalen Rose had a tremendous career in the NBA. He played for several teams like the Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets Toronto Raptors, Chicago Bulls and the Phoenix Suns.

Jalen works as a sport analyst for ESPN and as an anchor of the sport he started had his career with, his image may have been broke because of this incident. Many people around the world idolize Jalen Rose because of his versatility and smooth shooting of the ball. He was just a phenomenal player outside and inside the paint.

Now that Jalen Rose checks into jail, we all hope that after he serves his jail sentence, his life would be more meaningful and he would avoid further arrests in the near future so that he can restructure his image as an NBA icon of his generation.