Shelley Malil – “40 Year Old Virgin” Star Jailed For Life

Sad news today as Shelley Malil is sentenced to life in prison. Malil allegedly went crazy on his ex girlfriend Kendra Beebe back in 2008. He claimed that he had only stabbed her because he thought it was her male friend David Maldonado coming up in the dark and attacking him from behind. Obviously the story did not hold up for Shelley Malil.

Malil listened intently as the sentence was given. Life in prison with a chance of prarole in 9 years. What could he possibly expect to happen though? He stabbed Beebe 20 times while he was trying to “defend” himself. Shelley Malil is going to be behind bars for quite a while.

You may know Shelley Malil from 40 year old virgin. Malil may not be the 40 year old virgin but he’s the 45 year old jail bird now. Besides for being put behind bars for attempted murder of his ex girlfriend Kendra Beebe be was also found guilty of assault with a deadly weapon. This was surely not a good day for Shelley Malil.