Sarah Palin For President?

Time is running out for Sarah Palin and others to enter the GOP field. It seems that she is one of the ones that likes to keep people guessing. With all of the press that she gets when she says something it is no wonder that she is thinking over her statements lately.

sarah palinRick Perry and Rudy Giuliani are also keeping the public guessing as to whether they are going to through their hat into the ring.

The idea of Sarah Palin being in the run for President is not totally far-fetched. Just last election we reached a major milestone as another ethnicity was put into office and now what could follow up better than having a female in office?

Of course the fact that Sarah Palin is a female should not be the determining factor on whether or not she wins the election. The determining factor should be whether she is the right choice for our country and will she run the country properly and get us out of the mess that we have been going downhill into for the past years.

If you do not think we are in a mess then just look at what is going on in Minnesota. The government there is shutdown indefinitely due to the inability to make an agreement on the budget.

Would Sarah Palin be able to put us on the road to recovery? Is she even going to put her hat in the ring and give us that choice?

Thursday marks the end of the second fundraising quarter and people are deciding where they want to put their money and who they want to support.

“The race is going to start in earnest over Labor Day,” Democratic strategist Dan Gerstein said. He also said that August can be a bad month for fundraising so the end of July marks a “natural cut off point”.