Harvey Pekar: A Laugh A Minute

The ability to laugh at various events in our lives is essential. If watching someone fall down causes you to shriek in laughter, you are not alone. Many comics have flourished over the years simply because some folks can better see the light side of life. Harvey Pekar is one of those people who showed us how everyday life could be amusing and sometimes down right giggle-worthy.

However, one of the most famous of all comic writers has lost his life. He was a big part of The Cleveland Plain Dealer for years. He was best known for his comic series “American Splendor”. Even as an occasional guest on Late Night with David Letterman and a film version of “American Splendor” were not enough for the maintain a life of constant seriousness. Harvey Pekar was found this morning by his wife¬† according to the corner’s office.

After receiving the news that he had lymphatic cancer in 1990, the graphic novel “Our Cancer Year” was born. The idea of reading about a struggle with cancer doesn’t sound very appealing but when humor is added, almost anything becomes a bit more tolerable. Looking down the road life leaves many people sour and disappointed. But, Harvey Pekar was proof that laughter really does make the world go around.