Woman Kicked Out of Walmart: Woman Shopping in String Bikini at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart may be friendly when it comes to fully and appropriately dressed people, but what is the deal with people who decide to go shopping wearing only their… bikini?

Woman Kicked Out of Walmart

The hot weather that the United States has seen in the past couple of weeks made people do whatever they could in order to get a bit cooler or simply get through the hot weather. One woman even decided to go shipping wearing only her bikini. The woman, named Sandy McMillin, decided that wearing any clothes while shopping was too much of a burden, especially when it was 90 degrees outside so she went into Walmart wearing only in her bikini. As you can imagine the woman shopping in string bikini at Wal-Mart was kicked out of the store even before she got to do her shopping.

It seems that McMillin went in only to buy a couple of stuff like coffee, chips and sour cream and only a couple of minutes after she went in the store, an employee came to her and told her she had two options: she could either wear a shirt or get out of the store. As you can imagine, the woman was appalled by the rudeness of the employee and she told the press that if people did not like the way she looked, they should not look at her.

The woman who was shopping in string bikini at Wal-Mart was immediately kicked out of the store and the Walmart spokeswoman, Ashley Hardie said that McMillin even verbally abused some people who took part in the scene. She also mentioned that they apologized to the woman, as they could understand her frustration and the fact that she may have felt offended. Plus, since when has Wal-Mart enforced a dress code?