John Wooden Health

Every sports fan out there has heard the name John Wooden at least once.  In most cases, the name is goes simultaneous with sports. So, why is it that we all know this name and man so well? For starters, he is a legendary UCLA coach and the fact that he is 99 years old doesn’t hurt in the popularity factor at all.

John Wooden gave what was probably his last sit-down interview in December at his own tournament. During that interview, he was asked about his secret to living so long. After checking out a whiskey bottle that was known to be Winston Churchill’s vice and cigars that were the signature of George Burns, he finally answered. He said he didn’t think there was any one answer but indicated that in general, life needs balance and love.

Earlier he had spoke with Rick Reilly and was quoted as saying “Love…..the most important word in our language”.  For a 99 year old man who has been awarded an enormous amount of accolades, the bottom line for him is love.  And he is and has been loved by fans both UCLA fans and their opponents for years. It’s no secret that he changed the world of basketball and definitely for the better.